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nhk world on day seven days of developments in japan and pe the thai government is trying to strengthen cooperation with us and asia this week sundays at eight thirty pm. seeming more and more. this week's journal as one greenwald gives us a preview of the next big revelation. find out what country is helping the less than a finance a hat the battles for stop and frisk won't be stopping anytime soon. we'll take a look at the latest regarding this and why he patted down and how the new mayor might be shaking things up for the better more details
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coming out. if you're short on cash why not sell your body bodily comments that it will be there not more and more americans are cashing in on everything from live daycare to fertile eggs will give you the number somewhat south later. michelle a fan it's due in november to help the key and washington d c time in your and a bit when you're watching our tea while edwards noted down to fall and as the weeks are far from over at least according to glenn greenwald greenwald is a former guardian journalist responsible for breaking the nsa surveillance story and he said there are indeed more uncanny documents to be released only this time it'll be about our neighbor to the north canada. recently greenwald spoke to the canadian broadcasting corporation's radio station cyclists know what is sad he got his bike box there are a lot of them. there is
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enormous amounts of reporting june in canada one of the most active surveillance agency countries in the world because of how closely they work with the nsa. greenwald also took the opportunity to respond to claims that publishing classified government documents harms people. think not publish a new lease of people in danger because when you have a system of government which people can exercise great power in the dark. that's what is dangerous. i was doing earlier by steve anderson executive director of open media to time out just how that power in canada is being exercised and one two weeks i got in the weeks i first asked him to tell us about how the canadian and american security agencies share that information with one another. you know that you can do us part it was called by its network in asia today secretive below we do know is that several countries that this bias
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several countries cleanest in the uk new zealand canada the us. they all share information with each other and we know that for example australia. the news but then the state to the eastern side notice that certain individuals. we know there's a lot of other cooperation between canada and the us than any other countries and of course i information collected is then shared with other agencies like the ci day. do the two countries work together and actually did he mean us or canadian citizen and the bronze. well i needed a division in the book that the nsa and the game at the eight candidates he said. both these agencies are really their secretive. they're expensive and below were cured of the peaks from snowed in. there really is in control. and who we have
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every reason to suspect that you operate that way. i mean people. we know that their desperation to how he that cooperation goes. we don't know. i opened the new revelations coming. glenn greenwald will shine some light on the activity because i think it's americans people really retro operate to know what these crises are doing. they are violating a right to privacy in these regions. star and the united states of course there are the house and senate intelligence committees that are supposed to oversee this kind of activity. what an oversight in there in the kenyan government and do you think it's a fact dead back to do it there is a lot done but that there is a lot this and this government watchdog is basically said that they don't know canadians are being targeted or how many canadians are being swept up in
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the secretive. extensive spy and in the two opposition parties that call. moreover staple of the liberal party in canada is just the florida though i'm asking for her ministry of her say because really it's a really small office and they had themselves to complain that they haven't had access to information in a bit of that the government owned commissioner. all for your cca parents and more overstated. the government spying activities. and see how it's insane and canadian citizens perceived a threat to their privacy. how do you think they're really going to react to these upcoming weeks we'll do just recently we occasionally stayed at the epa dot ca and we saw thousands of canadians across the country in just a matter of days. speaking on the government should create more oversight mechanisms to protect their privacy
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settings me in this area that i've been similar to the us no new answers this really be a prosperous and co listing costs are watching us. i'm ending him and we had a similar coalition that is ready the last in a labor groups. remaining groups. you know the gp groups. i'm stayin on this issue to him joining the canadian so i think that more revelations come as more and more canadians will be demanding answers and you know i really hope that rob nicholson is the minister responsible for this. this team really canadians and let us know how many meetings are being swept up in the dragnet surveillance when information is being stored in china it is this and how secure is the convention center and doesn't seem to be a very bipartisan issue. unlike many others on that when you mention this vast pool of the data are held by the five
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guys which just two people now in the us canada uk australia and new zealand. in field some way that their relationship to these other countries is beneficial to than an hour security. do you need to really worry that were being you know our spy agency. it seems that is being used but that s a mountain to collect information to share information. us officials i'm new and i think that we don't know the issues you know how these organizations are operating on bill thomas of our information is being shared across borders engine databases and the comedians are. they just concerned and want answers. stir and laugh with and i wanted to go back to something. glenn greenwald talked about in a cbc interview. in response to claim that these revelations would expose state secrets at
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it and those involved in terrorism and airport would do more harm to national security then and i'd take a look into this. here is a long they don't know that the us and uk governments do everything possible to monitor communications class some of them are huge human couriers. we can tell that era's leading the dinar to know people people that the snorting or ordinary citizens around the world that the spying system is directed not at the terrace at that. the remake of an argument that the leak this information could actually a tear as they do you agree with grandma then when he sat on. do they eat yet. then you need it. seeing that. you're chasing criminals have for quite some time knowing that the internet surveillance the secret internet technology careers in whatever they can to get around it. it's news that to
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those who thinks it's the way we know that it's needed nobody can in love when americans to know that there is a government agency that slapping their sensitive information you're in the things i get your prescriptions year. it's where you aren't going to your friends. the fact that that information is being collected and stored in china an unsecured basis. i think that is what this new student opinions then and what is it is a u s or canada. we had over three thousand preaches this has to do. the citizen information in recent years affecting seven hundred and twenty five thousand canadians and there were no head the agency collected more information on its own good and he makes us less secure that he makes this more exposed to cyber criminals. that information but couldn't do it in the day via direct knowledge of the nation. how many of us he was being swept up in this giant dragnet surveillance star will mean very very interesting to see
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why these upcoming weeks during the lab out canada. i do appreciate you coming on and breaking down from a nap or as steve anderson executive director of open media. is reading. and it looks like stocks and the cyber weapon allegedly developed by the us and israel to disrupt iran's nuclear program as an even further reaching consequences than previously known. eugene kaspersky he runs one of the world's most renowned on line security firms. he spoke at australia's national press club on issues of cybersecurity and cyber espionage. take a listen what he had to say. nobody can you tell me and the braces for she respects the united states to know. i don't know but hey. last year for example several. they agree that they will with the infected by stocks. our good friend of mine. our broken in our direction moved to provo where it wants but the dude is structured and
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send the message that there will be a boy and network which is just gonna perform clean. in the rush of the soul that is. it will promote. sold him in cinemas is that they're enjoyable network is with the infected with stocks. he is to be believed as stocks and virus infected a russian nuclear plant and wasn't connected to the internet can damage the plant's ability to function. two in fact in non connected computer a person would have either physically install a virus or trick someone else doing so. and he's not nuclear transformed and places to get infected by viruses get this house for tea. also mentioned that computer viruses are even in issue on the international space station and were now where on a usb stick. once infected the station with a virus. and now it's new york city where the policing policy of stop and frisk continues to sneak its way
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through the court system outgoing mayor michael bloomberg has become synonymous with the program he and police commissioner ray kelly has issued their full support for the practice by which police officers are able to stop people walking down city streets question and in our cap and gown. to further the track as the bloomberg administration has appealed a federal court decision from august that will stop and frisk program violated the constitutional rights of minority citizens the judge called for an independent monitor wittenberg astounding. civil rights advocates have long question the constitutionality of stop and frisk especially because eighty seven percent of those stopped and frist are black white latino and the stock's resulted in an iraq that only about six percent of people don't get this from an analysis of police data from the center for constitutional rights. now what mayor elect
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flavio made his opposition to the current use of stop and frisk a huge part of his campaign. but now we've elected what powers of the actually have to change this policy. rt course on and on a site to check in on reports. the tools years under mayor michael bloomberg have left a legacy of the controversial stop and frisk policy six hundred thousand. stop in france in one year which is more than the black male population of the whole city the policy allows the nypd to stop interrogate and searched new yorkers on the streets without a warrant overwhelmingly in communities of color. it became a huge issue in the city's most recent book that is racist the immoral and illegitimate it treats black and latino people especially young people like criminals. now new york was elected in uni
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are a menace and all of you from the bottom of my heart thank you. one of the year led to goals of the ceos distinctive positions in the campaign stance against the police policy as it's currently used in illegal back and forth. most recently city reuters a federal appeals court overturned the appointment of an official to monitor the use of stop and frisk as well as several other new rules suggested by a top judge still has four ruling the no shows not that it's a more complicated issue and maybe the depleted reserves of constitutionality but it shows that this courts are more than fine with violating the rights of blacks and that she knows. officials claim stop and frisk helps prevent crime in the city. activists and victims disagree and amounts to police. stocking intimidating. sometimes jailing and even as much as killing people in the name of securityt
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they then all politicians are full of crap he was quoted at bay. reducing costs
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the meeting voters the freedom of the nest and the politician that birthday i get a recount but it's not looking good and so it looks like the wealth and can fit us. i stuck with him to be neatly leadlight glass. i like best about it. this story is simple if you're a politician year of my hair too. that black and whites tonight to talk about that but i relented at the grand event. and that does it for now from the stories we covered today go to youtube dot com slash our team at the check out our website our t dot coms like usa and follow me on twitter at an irrigated few bright security
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do you . elder welcome to these clients wednesday november thirteen. i'm casting comanche and tear killed hundreds of thousands of survivors in the philippines have woken up to another difficult day type in high and twisted it to me these five days ago leaving a trail of debris behind the southern neighborhoods wind down buildings and going over their homes. i think when tears. officials with
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